This is us

Hello there little faces and welcome to a new blog post. Today's tv series that I will talk to you about is the one and only This is us! I will probably use some spoilers on this post so if you don't wanna read them go watch the episodes that you were lazy to ( [...]


Shadowhunters: All the stories are true.

Hello there my adorable little faces. A while time ago I had told you about a book series, "The Mortal Instruments" ( you can read it here ). The following post is about this book's tv adaption. It will have some spoilers though so if you haven't watched the two aired seasons and you don't [...]

Riverdale: not the average teen drama.

Hello there little faces. Today we will talk about one of the most popular series of the CW network. Based on the comics of Archie the first thought that you probably have is "no, thank you" and when you find out that the heroes are high school students your second thought is "school kids? again...?" [...]

6+1 tv series that you have to watch! ( even if they are finished )

Hello - hello my little faces. Today, I will not talk you about one tv series... I will talk you about seven of them that you HAVE to watch asap ( if you haven't already do it. ) 1. Fringe ( 2008 - 2013 ) When a dangerous and unknown virus kills everyone on a [...]

Badass Female TV Characters: part4

Hello - hello my adorable little faces. We made it!!! It's the last day of 2017 and I couldn't let this year leave without a final post. I'm talking of course about the fourth part of my list of badass female characters on tv. Let's see who made it on this list. 1. Giny Baker ( [...]

Badass Female TV Characters: part3

Hello - hello my adorable little faces. This post might it seems familiar and that's because we had already two posts like this one. The thing is, that as long as we meet new ( or old ) female tv characters that they are badass these posts will keep coming...! 1. Sophia Marlowe ( Girlboss [...]

Στους 31 δρόμους ( 2007 )

Καλησπέρα μουτράκια όμορφα! Ελληνικό πάλι το σημερινό post, μην με κράξετε. Πριν λίγες μέρες που λέτε βαριόμουν τη ζωή μου. Έχω μισοτελειωμένες τις μισές σειρές που έχω στο calendar αλλά και πάλι δεν μου "άρεσε" τίποτα για να δω... και εκεί που τα κοίταζα και τα ξανα κοίταζα για να μπορέσω να αποφασίσω έφαγα φλασιά! [...]