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Hello hiatus, my old friend.

Hello - hello my adorable little faces. Today my article will not be about a movie, a tv series, a tv couple or something like that. I will talk to you about a huge problem that every person has to deal with more than once every year. The hiatus. Most of the tv series begin their… Continue reading Hello hiatus, my old friend.

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Ελληνικά OTPs που λάτρεψα.

Καλησπέρα μουτράκια, ή όπως σας λέω στα αγγλικά μου posts, little faces. Σήμερα, αποφάσισα να γράψω το post μου στα ελληνικά γιατί το θέμα μας είναι καθαρά ελληνικό. Ας πάρουμε όμως τα πράγματα με τη σειρά. Από πολύ μικρή λάτρευα να παρακολουθώ σειρές στην τηλεόραση. Αργότερα, όταν μεγάλωσα αρκετά και είχε μπει πλέον το internet… Continue reading Ελληνικά OTPs που λάτρεψα.

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Luke Cage. Bulletproof and strong.

Hello there little faces, I wish that you have a lovely Weekend. Today I'm gonna finally write a blog post about Netflix's series about the third Defender, Luke Cage. Truth be told, I have watched the series since September and I don't remember every detail but I'll do my best. Forgive me that I was too bored… Continue reading Luke Cage. Bulletproof and strong.

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Let’s talk about some… Stranger Things.

Hello there my lovely little faces. I know that I wasn't around these days but I came back with a post about a show that is loved by the whole world. Stranger Things has already two seasons ( 8 episodes on season 1 and 9 episodes on season 2 ). Is a Netflix project and it… Continue reading Let’s talk about some… Stranger Things.


The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

Hello there my adorable little faces. On a previous post, I had told you about The Infernal Devices ( click for the post here ). Today, I will write about the main book series of Cassandra Clare's Shadow World. This book series was the first one that Clare started writing and its called The Mortal… Continue reading The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare