Badass Female TV Characters: part1


Hello, my adorable little faces. Today, I will talk to you about some of my favourite Badass Female TV Characters. The plan was to put them all in one post but it’s not easy to fit 16 characters in one post. :p When I talk about “badass” I don’t only talk about characters that can hit someone else, or be warriors… Badass can be a character who is hacker or brave enough to do whatever they can to protect the people that they care about. And that’s what you’ll read on this post.

  1. Felicity Smoak ( Arrow )
    My ultimate favourite tv character is Felicity Smoak from Arrow. Felicity’s character was first written for only one episode but the adorable personality of the actress ( Emily Bett Rickards ) made everyone on the show to love her and want to see more of her. That result was that before season 1 ends, Felicity had become a regular on Arrow. Felicity is like pudding. Everyone likes pudding… even if some fans of the show – and the comics – saying that they hate her character they can’t stop talking about her. She is a fearless human being, a hacker and an amazing friend. She supports the people that she loves with her whole heart and she could die for them. No questions why Oliver Queen – the Green Arrow himself – is so damn in love with her. – And Felicity with him as well. –
  2. Maia Roberts ( Shadowhunters )
    My personal favourite character from the books The Mortal Instruments is Maia Roberts!! Since the first line that I read about her, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when Shadowhunters tv show took a second season and I would be able to watch my little queen on my screen every week! Alisha Wainwright who plays Maia’s role is the perfect fit and I totally love her. Maia can kick your ass and you would still look at her like she is the most perfect thing in the whole world. She became a werewolf when her abusive ex-boyfriend bites her and left her all alone to turn without knowing anything about Shadow World or her condition but she managed to stay alive and to find her place on this new, for her, world.
  3. Agent Patterson ( Blindspot )
    Let’s face it… if Patterson stays home for a day the whole damn FBI will stop working properly. She is a tech nerd and we love her for that. When her love of her life betrayed her, she lost the earth under her feet… She didn’t stop fighting though. She managed to take her pieces and put them back together. She can totally kick asses if this is needed it, but she prefers to do it behind her keyboard.
  4. Kim Burgess ( Chicago PD )
    As you can say I have a special place in my heart about One Chicago universe. So I couldn’t love everyone’s favourite police officer Kim Burgess. She is totally a badass sweetheart. She survived more things that most of the show and she can kill or die for her friends and family, especially for her love of her life, Adam Ruzek.
  5. Daisy “Skye” Johnson or Quake ( Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D )
    Daisy doesn’t know who or what she was until the first couple of seasons of the show. She grows up alone and became a hacker trying to save the world. Now she is a badass inhuman with the code name Quake and working with S.H.I.E.L.D to save the world from HYDRA.
  6. Lagertha ( Vikings )
    Wife, mother and warrior!! She started as a woman who has just had a farm with her husband and after some years of wars, pain and destruction now she is a QUEEN!! Everyone loves her and even if they don’t they are fear them. And that’s ok for her.!
  7. Arya Stark ( Game of Thrones )
    Almost everyone watches Game of Thrones and also almost everyone loves Arya Stark. She was always a girl that never needed it, anyone. She managed to survive all the hard stuff that encountered to her. She became from a little girl, to a strong independent woman who wants to take revenge from all the people that did horrible to her family and then, to just go home, to her siblings.
  8. Penelope Garcia ( Criminal Minds )
    Adorable, hacker and loyal. That’s the three top words that describe Penelope Garcia. She works with the BAU, a unit in the FBI who trying to catch serial killers and individuals. She is a total ray of sunshine on the show. P.S: Penelope was first planned to be only in one episode but the writers loved her role and they made her a regular.

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That was my article for today. Hope to like it!! Let me know if you love any of those characters with a comment here, or on my facebook page. I will post the second part in a couple of days. Have a lovely Weekend guys.

xx Marilita


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