Emma Approved ( 2013 – 2014 )

Hello – hello Little Faces and have a lovely new month. For my new article I chose to tell you about one of my all time favorites YouTube series, Emma Approved that you can watch here.

The series is based on Jane Austen’s book “Emma” but in modern times. Emma Woodhouse and her best friend Alex Knightley are the owners of a matchmaking office and Emma’s life’s goal is to find the perfect other half for their clients. Funny, romantic, smart writing and great actining are the elements for this adorable series.

Emma, is really funny and cares for the others ( maybe too much ) but as every woman that she is in love she doesn’t know it until it’s too late.

On the other side Alex, is a smart true businessman and more logical than his friend.

The two of them are the perfect duo and they will give you a great time if you choose to watch it. Prepper yourself to laugh like no tomorrow, to fall in love with each and everyone from the cast and CRY your eyes out. Trust me, it’s worth it…!! You will not leave your laptop until you finish it and you’ll try to convince your friends to watch it too so you’d have an excuse to watch it again!! 😉

Probably you, trying to make your friends to watch it too…

Let me know if you watch it, or if you already have it, on the comments or on my facebook. 😉 Have a great afternoon.


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