Visiting Greece: What I have to eat!

Hello, my lovely little faces… I know that I wasn’t around those days but I was on vacation. I’m back now and I was thinking what my new article should be and it hit me. I thought that many of you probably will come to Greece for vacation and I would love to tell you some of my personal favourite traditional Greek foods that you can taste…

  1. The famous GREEK SALAD
    This salad it’s a great way to make you feel better after a long walk in Athens or a Greek island. The food materials are totally fresh and delicious. Tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, red onion, olives, olive oil, salt, oregano, capers and feta cheese… all fresh and ready to taste them.
  2. Pita gyros ( PITOGYROS ) a must!!
    Almost everyone knows what this heavenly junk food is. Is more like a street food than junk one though. It made with pita bread, tzatziki, red onions, tomatoes, fries and of course… GYRO. The original gyros are made from pig meat but if you don’t want this, you have more solutions, as for example gyro from chicken meat.
  3. Strapatsada ( or Kagianas )
    This colourful delicious meal is totally a summer food. Eggs, tomatoes, green peppers, olive oil and feta cheese, all together on the pan for a couple of minutes and after that ready to eat it. tip: ask them to add the peppers and the feta cheese because some people don’t include them in the recipe.
  4. Giouvetsi
    Giouvetsi is for many of people in Greece the traditional meal that we eat for the Sunday lunch but you can order it any day of the week 😉 It’s made almost every time with beef. Other materials are: tomatoes, olive oil, kritharaki ( manestra ), red onions and red wine. You can eat it with feta cheese…
  5. Moussaka 

    Let’s face it… Even if you haven’t tasted it – yet – you have heard about moussaka. Potatoes, olive oil, red onion, zucchini, eggplant, salt and pepper with minced meat and besamel are the materials to that meal.
  6. Spinach pie

    Pastry sheet, spinach, red onions, leek, dill, black pepper, eggs, olive oil, feta cheese. Every Greek eats this pie, our grandmothers make them every time when we go to visit them and it’s a must for our table every time that our friends and family coming over for meals.
  7. Pasticcio

    Everyone enjoys this beautiful and totally tasteful meal – and especially the kids –. Pasta, minced meat and besamel and you have this delicious food.

I really hoped to enjoyed my article, let me know if you have already eaten something of the above and if you come to Greece and try one, or all, of them. Tell me which was your favourite, which wasn’t… Leave your comment here or on my facebook.

xx Marilita


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