Wonder Woman ( 2017 )

Hello and have a nice week my little faces. Today I will write about the movie that everyone talks about these days. Feel free to read it if you haven’t watch Wonder Woman yet because I will try to not use spoilers. Wonder Woman is a superhero female that belongs to the DC universe. DC Comics wasn’t sure if the movie would have any luck out there but let me tell you something… it became a blockbuster the very first two days on the cinemas!!!

I went to watch it a few days ago with a friend of mine. We took our 3D tickets and the girl told us that system was down so we could sit whatever we want. They told us where to watch it and we went to find the perfect seats and we did. After 15 minutes of ads with other movies the play started and guess what!! IT WASN’T WONDER WOMAN. We rushed out and we went to find someone to help us, when this guy told us the right number of the cinema hall we run there with me to be all “If the movie started and we didn’t watch the beggining I will burn this shit down.” but all went well. The movie started 5 minutes after we arrived with us on our perfect scenes, fangirling without tomorrow.

Everything on this movie was perfect!! The effects, the places, the acting!!!! The cast was absolutely stunning, with Gal Gatot, Chris Pine and David Thewlis giving their best self!!

The story:

Diana ( Wonder Woman ), is the princess of Amazons the warriors of Gods. When Ares started a war with Zeus, Zeus made the Amazons as a weapon so they can fight Ares. Ares lost his power and so the other Gods but the prophecy that he will come back for the war of the wars hang on the heads of the Amazons. They lived on their magical island, protected from the outside world until a pilot, Steve Trevor, crushes to their land and tell them about the huge war that is on outside their magical borders.

Now Diana chooses to go with Steve back to his world so she can fought with him because she believes that Ares is behind all of this.


My thoughts:

The story was really good even if they change our Mythology a little bit ( I am Greek :p ). The characters were perfectly written and the graphics beyord our imagination. It was funny, sad and adventurous all at one. To be real with my self, Wonder Woman is probably the best movie that I’ve seen in years.

THAT PLOT TWIST on who Ares is though… it stigmatized me! I didn’t see that coming and it hit me like lightning. I loved it so much though… I coudn’t stop talking about it! It was really great!!

Tell me what you’re thinking about the movie here or on my facebook.

xx Marilita


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