Still star-crossed. Romeo & Juliet are dead, now what?

Hello there my lovely little faces. Today I will talk to you about my new absolute favourite tv-series. Still star-crossed, based on Melinda Taub’s book ( with the same title ) is a brand new series from ABC network. So brand new that only had aired the first two episodes. I know – I know… It’s still so fresh that you will probably have your doubts to watch it but believe me! It’s worth it!!

— UPDATE: the network cancelled the show after season 1 finale —

The story:

Right after Romeo and Juliet’s marriage and so early death, the two families fight each other more than ever. Capulets and Montagues killing each other. Prince Escalus’ idea to stop all of this is simple. Benvolio Montague and Rosaline Capulet much got married. The only two problems on this are that:
a) Rosaline and Benvolio hate each other
b) Rosaline and Prince Escalus are in love since E V E R.
The two of them, Rosaline and Benvolio, trying to find a way out of this but someone that wants all the Montagues dead crushes all their plans. ( I ship Rosaline/Benvolio, aka Rosvolio, so much…! sue me 😛 )

Look at them…

Everything on this show is perfect. The cast, the costumes, the script, the chemistry betweet the actors… If you watch it, don’t have the idea that you’ll watch something that Shakespeare would wrote because it’s not! It’s oldfashion and fresh like anything before all in one.

Even the way that they talk… So Shakespearean and so modern at the same time. Those that they love to watch Victorian era’s shows whould totally love it and those that they don’t, they will love it too because is a perfect mix. Here, you can check the trailer. out.

Give it a try and let me know what you’re thinking here or on my facebook page.

xx Marilita


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